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Using your Bank Verification Number, your phone number, and your Nigerian bank account, we quickly & securely verify that you're a real person.

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Buy (or sell) in a matter of seconds. We don't have any hidden fees or charges. Just choose a coin, look the price, and pay via a Naira Token account with us. Finish!

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When you buy or sell directly from us, there are no extra fees. All you see is our current rate and nothing else.

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You can set your own Price per Bitcoin for others on BuyCoins to buy or sell from you. Coins are escrowed to ensure security and fast settlements.

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Zero Trade Fees

Our peer-to-peer trading transactions are totally free! There is no other platform on the continent offering this, that's including LocalBitcoins (1%), Remitano (1%), and Paxful (1%).

New to Cryptocurrency?

Are you looking to trade cryptocurrency but are unsure about some things. Or you've just been hearing about this thing called Bitcoin and you want to learn more. We created a course just for you!

BuyCoins Learning provides you with free learning content to help you get started with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Introducing Naira Token

Naira Token (NGNT) is a new stable cryptocurrency. Unlike other coins that may change their value in relation to the Naira, NGNT will always have a value equal to the Naira.

When you deposit Naira into BuyCoins, you're really buying NGNT at a 1:1 rate, and you can always redeem your NGNT for Naira from us.

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When you sell cryptocurrency to us, you get paid directly into your Naira Token account instantly.

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You can store your cryptocurrencies securely in the BuyCoins wallet for free.

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We are the only platform in Africa that supports buying, selling, and secure storage of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and USD Coin.